Instructional Audio Tapes

Instructional audio tapes have long since been replaced by DVDs and YouTube. While there's some good information here, it takes a powerful attention span to sit through 45 minutes of cassette audio. Listening to these experts discuss the current state of hunting back in the day made me realize once again that we're doing the same thing that they were 50 years ago, except we've swapped the 45 rpm phonograph record for an SD card. You might pick up a good tip or two, but more importantly, these tapes give you a sense of history and will make you realize how little the sport has changed. They'll also reinforce the many reasons cassettes are obsolete.


Tape Minutes  
Handcalls by Bowen Weems 23  
Circe Interview with Brad Harris and Jim Dougherty 30  
CT401 Secrets of Successful Predator Calling by Johnny Stewart 45  
CT402 Secrets of Succesful Coyote Howling by Gerald Stewart 35  
Coon Calling Instructional by Dennis Kirk 43  
CC66 Deer Horn Rattling by Burnham Bros    


I liked Gerald's howling tutorial. Coming from someone who doesn't use handcall howlers much, it was well presented. Break out the howler and whine along with Gerald.