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Calstar Jig Sticks - Realistic Full Pull Ratings

Instead of broad ranges like 30-80#, here's what it takes to bend a Calstar Jig Stick to approximately 90 degrees and put the bend well into the mid-section and butt.   Blanks or wrapped rods were rigged with paracord and pulled against a Manley spring scale.

Avet, Penn, Newell Spool Diameter X Width

Good luck finding anything like this from the manufacturers.

Aftco Tip Top Roller sizes

The Aftco tip top roller specs for rebuild kits.

Black Sea Bass caught surf fishing in Malibu

Not your average surf perch.  Since no one has credibility without proof, this post needs pics.

Lamiglas 528, Penn 500, 30# Ande, big leader, big hook, big bait.  The guy with the farmer tan weighs 212# the last time I was on the scale.

Avet Reels - Stiff handle turn; spool won't spin free?

New out of the box, the Raptors' handles don't turn easy and the spool doesn't spin free either. It isn't the MC magnet. The spool is aluminum and isn't attracted by any magnet. The MC is pushing electrons and creates an electromagnetic field that only affects the spool at high spin speeds.

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