Haydel's Game Calls Cassette Tapes

I reviewed 6 Haydel cassette tapes. The Haydel handcall sound was very "distressed" and less precise on the species.

This is graph of Heydel's Coyote Fight on a 2-min scale. It's a picture of a whole 30 minute tape.

This mix of at least 3 handcall distress sounds and one set of live fight sounds wasn't boring and probably has called coyotes many times. It also shows how hard it is to rate a 19-second loop... and then rate a tape like this one with a pair of 15 minute complete hunts. This tape was designed so you could turn on the cassette player, throw it in a weed, walk away, and let it play.

Haydel tapes   Time (s) Comments
PT-1 Baby Cottontail   73 handcall
PT-2 Full Grown Cottontail   52 handcall
PT-4 Screaming Rodent & Bird   58 dueling handcalls
PT-5 Coyote Fight   283 **** 15minute hunts X2
PT-7 Baby Jackrabbit   283 handcall
PT-8 Full Grown Jackrabbit   350 hancall

PT-5 is a "must have" for anyone still using a cassette player.