The World of the Coyote by Joe Van Wormer

The World of the Coyote

by Joe Van Wormer
J. B. Lippincott Company (1964)

The World of the Coyote is an intelligent photo-essay that describes the coyote's appearance, its housekeeping and hunting habits, its enemies, and its way of life through the seasons. The author bases his narrative on his own observation of the animals and on the reports of other writers. He includes many entertaining true stories - most of which bear out his therory that the coyote believes in using brain instead of brawn, especially in situations that give promise of an easy meal.

140 pages. 100 reading references. Lots and lots of excellent B&W photos. Indexed.

Joe Van Wormer was an accountant who gave up his career to devote himself to writing and photography. His photos have been published in Life, True, Field & Stream, Sports Illustrated, and other magazines. His father was a hunter.