Wonders of Coyotes by Sigmund A. Lavine

Wonders of Coyotes

by Sigmund A. Levine
Dodd, Mead Wonders Books (1984)

Wonders of Coyotes is drawn from personal observations, early writings, and the scientific literatrure. The book is 78 pages and contains an introduction and chapters on coyote lore, physical characteristics, and behavior. It contains an interesting collection of early historical depictions, reproductions of some of the first printed pictures of the coyote.

Here is an interesting fact about the author. As a young man, after receiving his M.A. at Boston University, he taught for two years at the United States Government Indian School at Belcourt, North Dakota, and while there learned to speak both the Sioux and Cree lanugages and talk in sign language.