Coyote Hunter's Sound Library

A list of 1620 sounds from various sources with a few facts, ratings, and opinions.

Coyote Hunter's Bibliography

This is a collection of books on the topic of coyotes I've picked up through the years. Some are about hunting, a couple are hard core scientific reviews, and others are stories, tall tales, and pictures.. Almost all of them are good reading for any coyote fan.

Sound Bit-Depth

The topic of recorded sounds, those used by electronic game callers, is as complex as you care to make it. Here's an article on bit-depth if you ever wondered about the difference between 8-bit, 16-bit, and 24-bit sounds.

Editing Sounds

Editing sounds for easier, more natural pausing

Remote Programming

Smart programming for many kinds of remotes that takes the hassle out of button pushing.

Handcall Tutorial

Don't embarass yourself the first time out with an open or closed reed hand call. Here are the basics.