Predator Hunters' Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics for predator hunters and all their organizations.

Not the same page you may have seen before, a few words seem to make a big difference. Ethical hunters take personal responsibility and make the right choices every time.  We follow the maze of laws as written to the best of our layman's ability or else will do what it takes to change the law, and reject those hunters who would ignore or break the law.  Our sport is an heritage and a privilege, but not a right.  We honor that privilege. 

The game thief is a petty criminal who does not care about any law and has no respect for himself, natural resources, or other sportsmen.  "When the competition is no-holds-barred, no tactic is too low."  Using a firearm in the commission of a crime can be subject to some extreme penalties.  Don't be a fool.  Gun crimes are serious. 

1. We will abide by all federal, state, and local wildlife, shooting, firearm, and ammunition laws and regulations.

2. We will abide by club and event rules and any participant or member who hunts in violation of the law or such rules will be banned from all future events and membership.

3. We will conduct ourselves in a manner so as not to bring discredit or dishonor to the sport by:

  • Disposing of skinned or otherwise unusable carcasses properly and out of public view.
  • Disposing of all trash properly.
  • Not disturbing domestic livestock.
  • Not trespassing.

4. We will report to the proper officials any unlawful activity we observe while in the field with as much information as can be obtained safely.

5. We will assist the State Game and Fish Department in acquiring animals needed for research and collection of management data.

6. We will conduct ourselves at all times with a regard for the future of all hunting.

7. We will transport and handle firearms and other implements safely and insist upon the same of others.

8. We will respect the land and the rights of landowners.

9. We will respect and honor the rights and space of other people encountered in the field.

10. We will demonstrate our respect for wildlife, the environment, and the land by abiding by this Code of Ethics.

11. We will strive to educate all hunters regarding the ethics of the hunt and the proper role of Sportsmen in our society.

12. We will promote appropriate uses of the animals taken through the proper handling of pelts and by making donations of the edible portions thereof to animal rehabilitation centers for the benefit of injured and orphaned wildlife.

13. We will compile data and furnish it to the State Game and Fish Department as requested to aid in the management and study of predators.

14. We will cease the pursuit of any predator species deemed in danger of extirpation by the State Game and Fish Department or other official wildlife management agency.

15. We will encourage other clubs and organizations to remove from their membership roles any person who violates wildlife laws and regulations and to adopt and abide by this Code of Ethics.


Arizona Operation Game Thief 1-800-352-0700


Put Poachers Out Of Business Cal-TIP


Californians Turn in Poachers and Polluters

Northern Califonia 888 DFG-CALTIP(888 334-2258)

Southern California 951 443-2946

More information at the state's Fish and Wildlife website.

The Code of Ethics above is starkly similar to another page that has been distributed widely by various organizations for more than 20 years.  They are not the same.  If your organization uses a similar page, I urge to note the areas marked in bolded italics and consider editing your group's ethics page.