Predator Caller's Companion by Gerry Blair

Predator Caller's Companion

by Gerry Blair
Winchester Press (1981)

Gerry Blair's Predator Caller's Companion may have been the first real how-to hard bound coyote hunting book after the release of Jim Doughterty's Varmint Hunter's Digest. A glance at the table of contents reveals that the outlines of the two books are similar, but Gerry made the content his own with his friendly, funny, and unique style. It's an enjoyable read. The author's experience comes from hunting with a few good friends and was quite different from Dougherty's club competition based perspective. This was the first of what would become a series for Gerry, each rewrite modernized in turn to fit a new decade. The Companion is well written and will do both, explain the basics for the beginning predator call, and provide a good bit of usable information for the experienced veteran who is already familiar with the basics. 260 pages, 100+ illustrations B&W. Recommended for all coyote callers and predator hunters.