Eotech and Aimpoint - Fall 2012 Coyote Hunting

Mossberg 935 with Eotech/Aimpoint.  It may be big and heavy, but it sure is ugly.  The pistol grip stock radically changes the angle of the grip and the way recoil shock is transmitted to the rear grip hand.  The high mount of the e-sight further changed the entire grip on the shotgun.

To the uninitiated, always keep in mind that XB12L4 ammo is ~25x the recoil of a .223 Rem. 

  • The e-sight radically changes the way the whole shotgun is held.
  • Shooter's cheek does not contact the comb of the stock when aiming or firing - no cheek contact
  • Leading a moving target, the barrel never covers up the sight picture. 
  • The shot hits the red dot every time!
  • Make sure to turn it on every time.  E-sights don't work when they are off.
  • Both e-sights worked well at night.
  • Manditory internet dead animal photos below - bead sight, aimpoint, and eotech

This particular 935 24" shotgun barrel points in one direction and hits somewhere else, as did two more barrels like it.  It was not usable without a sight.  With the sight, the combo is deadly accurate and the recoil is as soft as 85 ft-lb allows.