Avet Reels - Stiff handle turn; spool won't spin free?

New out of the box, the Raptors' handles don't turn easy and the spool doesn't spin free either. It isn't the MC magnet. The spool is aluminum and isn't attracted by any magnet. The MC is pushing electrons and creates an electromagnetic field that only affects the spool at high spin speeds. Regardless of the tackle shop counter mumbo-jumbo, the magnet isn't the problem.

Degrease the spool and brake bearings and re-oil them with the Avet lube, clean off the bearing surface of the pinion gear, and add a little lube to the pinion bearing.  That will sure free up the spool and handle.  Consider taking a few photos if you're inclined to forget where all those springs and washers go.

Avet hasn't posted a good Raptor parts diagram.