Novel and potentially useful information on a variety of predator hunting topics, especially for those who choose to ambush their prey from extremely short ranges and not from a distant sniper's hide. Use the "Hunting" menu link on the left side of the page to find major topics like the Coyote Sound Library. Otherwise, surf the blog pages.

West Country Whipping - Another useful but apparently forgotten knot for tying hollow spectra to mono/fluoro or spectra mainline

Jean Tolson, who held the YFT record at 308# for a while, quite a few of the other passengers, and even some of the Cape Polaris crew gave Glen Eccles and me a real ration of shit for those big heavy gold reels. Gene had previously taken his big fish with nothing more than Penn 9/0 and saw no use for "yacht" reels on the stern of a party boat. The 4/0 and 6/0 Penns upgraded with Newell's parts were the best available back then or so they thought.  I got the feeling though that Bill Poole saw the value of those big single-washer gold reels from the beginning.

Knot to tie braided line to monofilaments - an original from the 90s Izorline invasion

The "c-bend" is a fast connection to get back into the action, easy to tie, and requires no splicing supplies. 

Predator Hunters' Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics for predator hunters and all their organizations.

Not the same page you may have seen before, a few words seem to make a big difference. Ethical hunters take personal responsibility and make the right choices every time.  We follow the maze of laws as written to the best of our layman's ability or else will do what it takes to change the law, and reject those hunters who would ignore or break the law.  Our sport is an heritage and a privilege, but not a right.  We honor that privilege. 

The game thief is a petty criminal who does not care about any law and has no respect for himself, natural resources, or other sportsmen.  "When the competition is no-holds-barred, no tactic is too low."  Using a firearm in the commission of a crime can be subject to some extreme penalties.  Don't be a fool.  Gun crimes are serious. 

Mossberg 935 - Love and Hate

Mossberg 12 Ga. 935 Turkey/Ultra-Full Choke/24" Barrel/Mossy Oak  $663 from Bud's in 2011.  This year's Turkey, pistol grip gun has a 22" barrel. $710 from Bud's.

This wasn't a weekend gun test.  The Mossberg 935 GT, the pistol grip turkey gun with a 3.5" chamber shown above, has been carried in the pickup for more than 3 years, pulled out on more than a hundred hunts, and killed a lot of stuff. It's been a regular on most of my coyote hunts for the last three years.

Updates to Arizona's Night Hunting Map for 2014.

The limited Arizona night hunting season for coyotes remained Mar1 - May 31, 2014. Night hunting with handheld spotlights continues in Game Units 2A, 4A, 10, 13A, 17A, 17B, 28, 30A, 31, 32, 34B, 35A, and 35B. Note the addition since last year of 28 and 30A and the removal of 36B from the list of game units where night hunting is allowed.


Red Zone Hunting

The concepts of "zone hunting" are presented to help with setting up and especially executing a hasty ambush for coyotes using a shotgun. Rubrics for making better decisions during a rapid-fire hunt, when to shoot, when to follow up, and when to run are also described.  This article is for the most part about closing the deal, killing, and picking up animals.

If you are new to hunting, or new to hunting coyotes, and have questions about setups, firearms, camouflage, or calls, read the "Thick Cover" article first.  Red Zone Hunting is an article about shooting, killing animals and closing the deal, and doesn't cover other important aspects of setting up an ambush nearly as well as the other article.

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