Novel and potentially useful information on a variety of predator hunting topics, especially for those who choose to ambush their prey from extremely short ranges and not from a distant sniper's hide. Use the "Hunting" menu link on the left side of the page to find major topics like the Coyote Sound Library. Otherwise, surf the blog pages.

Predator Hunters' Code of Ethics

Red Zone Hunting

The concepts of "zone hunting" are presented.  This is a decision tree for the ambush hunter for the exact few seconds before the first shot is fired and the events that can follow.  Zones are used here to explain what to do when and why.  Rubrics for making better decisions during a rapid-fire hunt, when to shoot, when to follow up, and when to run are also described.  This article is for the most part about hunting success, closing the deal, killing, and picking up animals, but also describes other expectations and positive results.

If you are new to hunting, or new to hunting coyotes, and have questions about setups, firearms, camouflage, or calls, read the "Thick Cover" article first.  Red Zone Hunting is an article about shooting, killing animals and closing the deal, and doesn't cover other important aspects of setting up an ambush nearly as well as the other article.

Eotech and Aimpoint - Fall 2012 Coyote Hunting

Mossberg 935 with Eotech/Aimpoint.  It may be big and heavy, but it sure is ugly.  The pistol grip stock radically changes the angle of the grip and the way recoil shock is transmitted to the rear grip hand.  The high mount of the e-sight further changed the entire grip on the shotgun.

Library of Sounds

Have you ever wondered about those sounds on that new electronic caller?  Are half of them stuff you won't use?  Or will every sound on the caller be high quality and fit your purpose?

Ratings and reviews of a lot of predator calling sounds.

Shotgun Hunting in Heavy Cover

Shotgun Tactics for the Desert Southwest or anywhere else you can't see 40 past yards

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